How to Arrange Your Home Decor Like a Pro

Does it feel like your home is missing that finishing touch?

You want it to be beautiful, but livable.
Decorated, but kid-friendly.
Finished, but not overdone.

Is that too much to ask?!

Not if you know the simple interior styling strategies the pros use to create beautiful rooms. Home styling is the secret finishing touch that can take any room from bland to beautiful.

You can have a beautiful, livable, decorated, kid-friendly, finished, not overdone home without spending a fortune.

What is home styling?

You might have heard of interior styling—getting a room ready for a photoshoot. Interior Stylists make a space look beautiful, finished, and camera-ready. Professionally styled rooms aren’t usually livable or kid-friendly, because they’re catering to the camera not to real life.

So why should you use interior styling? Because there is a balance you can find between styled and livable. A happy medium where your space looks put together, but still comfortable. That's home styling.

Interior styling helps teach us some classic principles about layout, composition, and arrangement. We can take those guidelines and use them to make any real-life room look amazing and pulled together in no time.

Love this video series! Learn simple styling secrets to accessorize your home. Her tips are really easy to follow and you can use the home decor you already have.
How to style a manly, yet beautiful, nightstand

Before + After: The Power of Interior Styling

Let me show you an example of what interior styling can do. With the styling secrets, I took my husband’s nightstand from blank slate to beautiful (and still manly).

Using simple styling principles, like Visual Triangles, Layering and Stacking, and Grounding, I created a bedside vignette that's pretty, but also practical.

Pssst. And he's kept his nightstand this way for three years!!​

Then, I repeated it on my side (with a more feminine touch).

Now, I don’t want you to think for a second that this is just about making things look pretty.

Good interior styling strikes a balance between pretty and practical.

You can use interior styling to decorate at both ends of the spectrum. Sometimes it’s easiest to start with the prettiest option and then scale it back or modify it to make it practical for everyday.

The easy way to style a beautiful nightstand

Hi, I'm Jackie Hernandez.

Jackie Hernandez from

Blogger at Teal & Lime and founder of School of Decorating

Interior styling is one of my favorite topics to teach because you can instantly see the improvement and you can get started right away…without buying anything new.

Where can you use interior styling?

I want to teach you the principles I’ve learned from following interior stylists and experimenting with styling in my own home. I’ll break it all down with simple formulas to show you how to get those “designer looks” in your home.

I don't want to tell you how to style, I want to show you. So I created a free video series for you with all my best tips.​

The styling secrets I share in this free video series will change the way you decorate forever.

Each video shares a bite-sized decorating tip you can apply in your home right away for instant results. And fair warning: the styling secrets are so addictive you just might find yourself restyling your friends’ houses too (and they’ll love you for it).

Here’s 12 Spots in Your Home that You Can Style in 15 Minutes or Less

  • Coffee Table
  • Entry Table
  • Console Table
  • Ottoman
  • Nightstand
  • Dresser Top
  • Mantel
  • Bench
  • Shelves
  • Buffet
  • Sofa Table
  • End Table

In this video series you'll learn...

  • 5 Essential Types of Decor You Need to Start Styling
  • How to Mix and Match Home Decor So You Never Bring Home the Wrong Decor Again
  • 2 Common Decorating Mistakes and How to Fix Them with Visual Triangles
  • How to Free Your Countertops and Coffee Table of Visual Clutter
  • How to Style Your Shelves Like a Pro
  • And more!

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