There is a decorator inside each of us.

I believe you are the best person to decorate your home!

You think so, too.  You just don’t think you know how to decorate.

I know it doesn’t seem easy or always come naturally, especially if…

That is exactly how I felt, too, when I was just starting out.  In the decorating world, I couldn’t seem to make sense of which way was up.  Through LOTS of trial and error, I figured it out and you can too (minus the trial and error part).

I help the style-confused find confidence in their inner decorator by making interior design simple, practical, and fun!  

No more boring copycat decorating!  I want you to…

From one decorator to another, you’ve got this!

Hi, I'm Jackie Hernandez

I’m a self-taught decorator that believes there is a decorator inside everyone. It is my passion and calling to help women discover their inner decorator and gain the confidence to make their home a beautiful reflection of themselves. Through my own self-discovery and my work with over 250 clients and students, I know how to teach you the real skills you need to decorate your own home.

No design speak here. I am all about practical, straightforward decorating tips and how-tos. I try to make it as easy as 1,2,3, but still uniquely-you. There is nothing cookie-cutter about it.

In 2014 I launched my online school, School of Decorating, to teach you how to decorate for yourself, so you can find the dream within your home…because you can totally do this!

School of Decorating (also known as SoD) is a place to learn, connect, and grow with other real women, decorating real homes.  In addition to a library of decorating classes, teaching the science behind the art, SoD is a community of decorate-it-yourselfers sharing inspiration, support, and encouragement.

Just for Fun: 5 Things You Might Never Guess About Me

  1. I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology from Michigan Tech University.
  2. I am an Air Force Veteran.  I commissioned after I graduated college and served as a Communications Officer – it was a crazy, intense way to learn IT on-the-job.
  3. After leaving active duty, I worked for 6 more years as an IT Project Manager for software development projects in the medical device and agriculture industries.
  4. Nerd alert: My favorite childhood pastime was drawing floor plans for dream houses on graph paper.  Yup, my favorite gifts were graph paper, pencils, and rulers.
  5. My hubby and I have owned and decorated three homes together.  Our first was a tri-level condo overlooking the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia (man, I miss that view).  Our second was a split-level town home in Minnesota.  And, we currently live in a dream single-family home in Minnesota (the only non-dreamy part is the long winters).

With such a hodgepodge of experience, you bet I bring I unique perspective to decorating.  For me it is a mix of science, order, and creativity!